Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy New Year (at least it's still January)

We have been very busy over the holiday season.  We had a great Christmas and decided that what was one more thing? 

So we scheduled our home study over the Christmas break.  We have now finished up our meetings and are just waiting on the final draft.  We will then send the draft on to get our government approval. 

There is nothing quite like inviting a perfect stranger into your house to evaluate your home and your parenting abilities.  Our house has not been that clean in quite a while.  Glen used it as great excuse to really straighten up since we haven't had any visitors in a while.  (Derby season is around the corner and we are ready for visitors)  We survived and I think that since this is the first thing that Sean was able to participate in, he was very excited.

The next steps for us are to get our approval to adopt a child and wait for a referral. So after a flurry of activity we will now start our waiting.  We continue to read and prepare. 

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