Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Blog is Back

So we have been MIA from the blog world.  We have decided to recommit to the blog and updating a little more frequently.  Being in a pilot process has really challenged our resolve and our faith.  We are still committed to the DRC and our agency.  We really feel as we have been led to this place and that we are in the right place and in the right time.  We are planning a series of posts about what led us to Congo and adoption in general.  Talking things out really helps to process about what is going on.  So for today just an update on the process thus far.  We finished our home study in January and submitted our dossier to our agency.  We filed our I-600a to USCIS and got our fingerprints done.  We received our I797-c approval on March 23.  Since then we have been waiting.  We are now on month 7 waiting for a referral.  More to come, but that is where we are.
This picture is one of our favorite family photos.  Our friend Ellen, of Ellen Joy Photography, took it.  If you live near Indianapolis you should check her out.  She does fabulous work.

Till next time, Renee

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