Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back to School

So I guess it really isn't "Back to School" as Sean's just starting kindergarten, but we're in full swing of things anyways.  The adjustment is a little more than I thought it would be as Sean's always done well in preschool.  I think the no nap at kindergarten is the huge difference.  He's doing great now after 3 weeks.  It's cool seeing him come home and is proud of how he's doing instead of

Me:  how was school today, what did you do?
Him: I don't know

 Photo: Here for our first day of kindergarten breakfast

Seems his favorite thing to remember is lunch and recess.  I'm sure I was the same way.  He's learning "new" games that I remember loving.  Anyone remember the freeze tag game where you had to crawl through the frozen person's legs to unfreeze them??? Guess it's called Superman Freeze tag now.  I loved that one! I'm looking forward to hearing about Red Rover.

No new news on the adoption front, just keep praying for our kids and that God is preparing us to be united. We are starting to sell some more items for the adoption fund.  So cross your fingers that we get our crafts up and going.  Excited to be doing something.

Till next time!  Glen

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