Monday, October 1, 2012

Praise GOD!  If you haven't heard by now, we have our referrals!  This all happened a couple of weeks ago, sorry about the late post.  Our heads are still coming down from the clouds. We've been so excited and filled with more questions than answers...but to delay no further, we're going 2 bring 2 home!  A boy and a girl, both 3 years old, unrelated but living at the same orphanage.

Unfortunately, we can't share pictures, but here is the picture we've started posting.

It is an amazing feeling to be able to pray for them by name and to see their faces.  The timing is still up to a year from now.  Our prayer is to have them home as soon as possible while realizing that we're waiting for God's perfect timing.  

More to come soon! 

We've also added a shop page to the blog, stepping up the fundraising. We have two different types of items:

1) Hand-painted flag clocks on vintage vinyl records.  Right now we have flags for the DRC, Ethiopia and China (focusing on the main adoption countries).  We're planning on adding to the mix with others! 

2) Hand-made glass ornaments with Africa on the front and "peace" on the back.  These can also be personalized.

Please send comments and ideas!  We may eventually post the crazy pictures of what our dining room has turned into with all the crafts.

Until next time,

Renee & Glen

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  1. Hello - so happy to have found your blog! And so excited to hear about your referral - praying for a blessed journey! :)