Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Sean

Dear Sean,

You turned six years old this year and you are doing an amazing job in kindergarten.  You really love school and are starting to find your groove there.  Reading is something you are excelling at.  I always find you looking in a book and trying to read the story.  You learned to swim and love the water, especially the diving board. You got glasses this year and I think you look so cute in them. 

This year for your birthday we took you on a little trip.  You have been asking for a long time to go somewhere and stay overnight.  Daddy thought up the perfect place to take you.  We went to Great Wolf Lodge.  You were in heaven.  I think you would have stayed there forever if we let you. 

We made the weekend about things you love.  We had lunch on the way up at a pizza food truck.  You love watching the food truck race and every time we see a truck you beg to stop.  Mommy made sure that a food truck was a part of your birthday experience.  And the pizza was really good too.

The thing that you are most excited about this year is your new brother and sister.  You want to show them all of the great things about our house.  You have started to notice all the little brothers and sisters that everyone else has.  I do try to remind you that your brother and sister aren't a baby but you are being so sweet and you pray for them by name every night. 

This year for halloween you have chosen to be a hunter.  I am glad that you want to be like your daddy.  You love your new bow and arrow and are outside shooting any time we will take you.  Archery was your favorite olympic event and that has fueled your desire to hit the target just like they do.  Thank you for being the caring, sweet, loveable, and funny kid that you are.  I love you and I want you to stay little but that isn't going to happen.

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