Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Waiting For G and C

We have been waiting for G and C for over a year now.  We thought when we started this process we would have been home several months ago.  We finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and I can't wait to get them home.  People have said that the waiting once you have a picture is harder and in a way it is, but it is also easier.  I can stare at their faces and imagine them as a part of everything we are doing.  That this is their last birthday without us or our last Thanksgiving or Christmas as a family of three.  I can't wait to experience some of their firsts and see their smiles.

Today I am linking up with A Place Called Simplicity.  This woman is an example of the Gospel here on Earth.  She is the mom of many and rallies the best prayer warriors around.   And I know that we could all use a little prayer.  She has put together a little questionnaire for all her bloggy friends to get to know us.

1.   How many children are you adopting?Two, a boy and a girl
2.  What names have you chosen and what are their ages? 

 Unfortunately we can't share names or identifying information on the internet.  They are both three years old and for now we are refering to them by C and G.  These will be the initials of their first names when they get home.  (at least that is where we are right now, we swear we won't be those parents who come home with the unnamed baby from the "hospital")
3.  Are any of the children you are adopting considered "Special Needs"? 
4.   If yes, specifically what Special Needs?
5.  What country or geographic area are you adopting from?
The Democratic Republic of Congo
6.   Have you adopted before?
7.   How close to travel are you?
We are planning on traveling at the beginning of the year. 
8.   Do you attend church regularly?   If so, what type of church is it?
We regularly attend Centenary United Methodist Church
9.    Do you tithe with each pay {at least the scriptural standard of 10%}?
10.  Yesterday, did you participate in any way with the day of Praise, Prayer by giving praise on the link and then posting your request? 
11. How did you hear about the Link up? 
I am a regular blog follower/lurker.  I have been reading the blog for a couple of months since I came across it.  I actually read the whole blog start to finish for a week. :)
12.  Is there anything, briefly, that you would like to share with our orphan-lovin', God-honorin', Jesus worshippin' bloggy friends reading this?
I would just ask for prayers and provision.  We have had to learn a new level of dependece on God through this process.  Our eyes have been opened and we have seen what a world we live in and how we can make changes to affect the world around us.   The other side of the planet is much closer now. 

A blogger friend had posted this scripture the other day it has been really speaking to me.

"...we rejoice in our sufferings because suffering produces endurance and endurance, character and character, hope." Romans 5:3

Finally, understanding that each gift received through this "Response Time" has been entrusted generously for our use from our loving Father, we promise, in the unlikely event that we would be unable to or decide not to adopt the children we are advocating for, we promise to return all of the money gifted to us as a result of this link to International Voice of the Orphan so they can, at their discretion, give to other families adopting.      

{Please place your initials on the line.} 
Yes, I will submit_RD__             No, I am unable to submit to this ________

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